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Play with QWERTY keys or xbox game controller or similar. 

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Finesse The Urban Air



W (Forward), S (Reverse), A (Turn left), D (Turn right), Arrows (Lift, Descend, Side), Q (Decrease speed), E (Increase speed), Mouse (Turn Left & Right).



New Age Nerds Have Officially Entered The Air Race


Ether Rider Project - Hybrid Family Air Vehicle (hFAV)

We ARE developing the first Hybrid Family/Personal/Urban Air Vehicle capable of transporting a group of 4-6 adult humans over the city of Houston. It shall take-off and land vertically (VTOL), hover, rotate and fly. This air vehicle will comprise many new and emerging technologies and methods. It will be capable of safely and comfortably transporting it’s passengers to their destination via pilot, remote pilot, or autonomous.

This air vehicle will adhere to, and guide, the FAA & Urban Air Mobility (UAM) requirements while focusing on;
● Safety
● Stability
● Reliability
● Optimized Efficiency

Our Goal: To produce fully functional, safe, and marketable Personal Air Vehicles. Our commercial solution is to decrease traffic, emissions, and travel time with safe and efficient Urban Air Mobility. By bringing a proper urban air vehicle to market, it would ultimately change the course of how people
travel and how cities of the future are built. With increased mobility, a large and populated city like Houston, Dallas, NY, LA, etc., can be more productive. Remote & rural locations can become more accessible. EMS can get to their location faster and ultimately save more lives faster. The proposed solutions could save the US DOD and developing states & countries from spending trillions of dollars on large road infrastructure.

Other Common Names for hFAV type vehicles: ORB, PAV (Personal Air Vahicle), VTOL (Vertical Take-Off & Landing), Urban Air Vehicle (Urban Air Vehicle),