How To Install WristMC Adapter

  1. Place phone case on flat level surface with back facing up.

  2. Pre-position the adapter on the back of the phone case. Mate the large flat bottom side of adapter with back of phone case. Ensure it is centered for more comfortable wear.

  3. Lightly mark position of adapter on phone case.

  4. Remove adapter from phone, then add the liquid adhesive to the flat bottom side of the adapter. Lightly coat the mating surface of the adapter. DO NOT use all of the liquid adhesive. Too much will cause a mess. A light coat is all that’s needed. Save the rest for later use.

  5. Place adapter in marked position on case. DO NOT press the adapter. Lightly tap the adapter to help settle in place.

  6. Lightly hold in place for 1 minute, then let sit for 5 minutes.


How to Wear on Wrist

  1. After adapter is installed on case, place band on wrist and wrap elastic loop around button. To adjust, wrap loop around button multiple times until desired tightness.

  2. Align the phone adapter with the center open grove of the mount on the wrist cuff. Place adapter toward the front of the opening.

  3. Firmly push phone down toward wrist and side into groove.

  4. The phone will now be locked into the cuff mount.


Dismounting Phone from Wrist Cuff.

  1. With the opposite have of WristMC, wedge thumb firmly between the cuff mount and phone case. Firmly depress lock tab, slightly lift phone and slide out of groove.